Home is Here

Directed by Tereza Kotyk
Release date: 2017 / Drama
Name of ProjectHome is Here
DirectorTereza Kotyk
Release date2017
ProducerGabriele Kranzelbinder / KGP (Austria), Karla Stojáková / Axman Production

Anna Åström, Stipe Erceg, Petra Bučkova, Johannes Gabl, Dana Novák Pešková, Tobias Steixner and Almut Mölk

DoPAstrid Heubrandtner-Verschuur

Black Nights Tallinn Competition
Febiofest New Europe Competition

Young Hannah is temporarily living with her mother and her little brother in the Olympic Village at Innsbruck. One day she breaks in at Max’s, who lives alone in a modern villa. Time and again Hannah secretly explores his seemingly austere house, until Max begins to notice subtle changes. He lets himself into a playful form of communication with Hannah that ultimately moves them both to see life is not about searching for a particular place or relationship, but instead that you can only find home in yourself: HOME IS HERE.