Dear Ones

Directed by Grzegorz Jaroszuk
Name of ProjectDear Ones
DirectorGrzegorz Jaroszuk
ProducerAgnieszka Kurzydlo

Olaf Lubaszenko, Adam Bobik, Izabela Gwizdak, Piotr Żurawski

DoPMagnus Borge, Robert Lis

Allegorical story about people who miss real contact with their family and friends.

Piotr is looking for a purpose and order in his life. To find it, he turns to magic, religion, and psychology. Unexpectedly, his Father calls up and asks Piotr to come to his family home immediately. Piotr arrives at the same time as his sister, Marta, whom he hardly remembers and does not recognize. Father called for Piotr and Marta because their Mother went missing. Family members who meet for the first time after many years begin to search for her together. The facts they discover about their Mother make them redefine what kind of family they are.